Primary Rhinoplasty · Chin Implant

Rhinoplasty and septoplasty were performed to enhance the appearance of the nose and improve breathing. At the foundation of the case, the nose and deviated septum were straightened. A caudal septal extension graft obtained from her septum was used to precisely support the nasal tip in the desired position. The dorsal hump was reduced and the nasal tip was refined. Her nasal airway is now much more open as is visible on the base view photograph. Chin augmentation using an extended anatomical chin implant (size small) was also performed to slightly increase the projection of the chin and further improve overall facial symmetry. The after photographs were taken 3 years after her rhinoplasty surgery.

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These are actual results of Dr. Allen Foulad's patients, who have provided consent for their images to be displayed on our website. Every case is unique and individual results will vary.