Rhinoplasty techniques – which is best for me?

Female patient preparing for rhinoplasty

June 18, 2019

When it comes to rhinoplasty, there are numerous techniques and there is usually never one right method. Every plastic surgeon has his/her own rhinoplasty techniques and preferences. In addition, there are advantages and disadvantages to every method.

To provide access to the nose, there are two approaches: external (open) and endonasal (closed). The external approach provides better visualization, access, and control. However, post-procedure swelling may be greater and there would be a small scar at the bottom of the nose (albeit with meticulous suturing the scar is typically very subtle).

There is an element of subjectivity when deciding how to reshape the nose. Because of this, it is always recommended that you review morphed images of your anticipated outcome as a first step. This entails photographs being taken of your nose and then the desired appearance is simulated for you.

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